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We have mastered the  advertising strategy. Unlike other agencies out there, we have a high ROI with our strategy. Our Cleveland Google Ads team spends hours in research within your industry to make sure that we are using the right keywords to drive traffic.

The PPC campaign experts at our PPC company closely examine relevant keywords in your industry, competitors, and your targeted demographic to generate a campaign that is designed to deliver quality leads at the lowest cost-per-click possible. We track leads through the sales process to ensure we are providing the best results.


A Rock Star Paid Advertising Campaign

Don’t let Jimmy down the road run your paid advertising! We have years of experience in all industries to know what works.

PPC Strategy

PPC Strategy

Having a defined Paid Advertising strategy is critical to the succuss of the campaign. If there is no plan in place, it will fail.

Ad Copywriting

Ad Copywriting

The word copy is one of the most important parts of a successful ppc campaign. Let us be in the driver's seat to craft the perfect strategy.

PPC Optimization

PPC Optimization

Uh yes, optimization. Without optimizaing the initial strategy the ROI will not be as great. A great PPC campaign is optimized on a weekly basis.

Your Advantages

Why Our PPC Management Services?

SEO Marketing
Budget Controlled

You have all the power to set the budget according to your needs.

pay per click marketing agency
Immediate and Consistent Traffic

PPC advertising is the fastest platform to run ad campaigns and to get immediate traffic from it.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services
Targeted Ads

With PPC, you can exactly choose the space where you want your ads to get displayed. This means that you can make your marketing campaigns as targeted as possible through our Cleveland Google Ads and pay per click services.

Digital Marketing
A Higher ROI

By displaying your ads in the most relevant online places, our PPC company ensures your ads are displayed to the most specific target market. Therefore, the greatest ROI.


Let The Leads Start Flowing In With a Leading PPC Company

Generating a good lead can be extremely time-consuming and difficult in Cleveland. Let us tackle the hard stuff so you can focus on other important parts of your business. When pay-per-click advertising is optimized well, the leads just pour in!
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The advertising process key highlights

A Rock Star Paid Advertising Campaign

The approach

As a leading PPC company in Cleveland, we believe that every project comes with a different set of goals that can be turned into an opportunity to re-imagine digital experiences. Setting aside the ‘it worked for others’ mentality, we carefully study the requirements, sales trends, and demographic audience of each project. After this, we tailor-make Pay Per Click advertising strategy that works on delivering sales while helping brands tell their stories.  It’s not mere luck that keeps our clients ahead of the competition. As a leading PPC company in Cleveland, it’s our commitment to results that empower businesses to stand out in the crowded fields of the digital arena.


Better conversions drive decisions. This is why our PPC company in Cleveland has set up cross-platform and cross-device conversion tracking to understand the life-cycle of a lead. Analyzing sales leads and the behavioral journey of a user helps us offer focus-driven marketing solutions.


York BusinessSolutions, a PPC company in Cleveland,realizes how as a client, you want to know all about your PPC ad campaigns. We offer you customized insights about what is happening with your ad spending. All of our campaigns are integrated with personalized reporting that gives a view of the numbers that matter.


Focusing on the neighboring suburbs, our PPC management services are aimed to help you by lowering costs while providing higher conversion rates. We can personalize Pay Per Click ad campaigns centred around the physical locations of our clients. We target the demographic audience to devise and run the improved well-targeted ads for you.

Paid advertising services

York BusinessSolutions takes a professional team-like approach to cultivate direct-to-consumer businesses with varying budgets for PPC management service. From standard investments in Google advertisements to lower expenses in Bing or Yahoo ads, we can cover a variety of touchpoints to give you the best possible conversion rates possible.

Google Ads

These are great for generating ads for the targeted customer base. Meet your customers where they are already searching. Be found easily and generate leads.

Yahoo/Bing Ads

Want to have low-cost ad clicks? Yahoo and Bing ads offer the simplest of solutions. You can enjoy better productivity.

Facebook Ads

Empower your campaigns with social media marketing advertising. Reach out to a broader market and get on the right track to brand recognition and e-commerce building.


We help you unleash the true power of your e-commerce store. Get featured through well-curated ads in the Google shopping section with your website.

Here are some additional points that will help you understand the quality of our work:

    • Conversion focused clicks
    • Quality score optimization
    • Google ads for service
    • Customized and automated scripts
    • Advertising with machine learning
    • Designing of landing pages
    • A dedicated account management team

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Whether it’s asking questions or finding out more about us, we love to hear you out. Call our Cleveland team to learn more about how we can make your brand stand out from your competition!