3 PPC Tricks You Must Know to Have the Best ROI

In this tech-savvy world, a click gains a lot of significance. Almost all the entrepreneurs, big or small, know that to make the business successful, the growth of online reputation is required, which can be obtained through a good amount of traffic to the website. Nowadays, popularity grows online and nonetheless to say, PPC is the best tool to approach visitors to a website in a short span of time.

74% of small business owners would much rather spend marketing dollars on PPC vs. print ads.

But… PPC (pay per click) is not an easy process to master. It takes many trial and errors to start to see an ROI. Even the most seasoned marketers have failed when launching their first PPC campaign.

Marketers who have gained an understanding of pay per click advertising know how to consistently generate a return on investment. Their Quality Score (Google’s rating of the relevance and quality of your keywords and pay per click ads) has been maximized to save money their PPC campaign and ad word spend.

Some reasons why marketers fail when it comes to a successful Pay Per Click campaign is the lack of:

  • Relevance of their keywords
  • Landing page is not optimized for the relevance of the keyword
  • Ad copy has no relevance

Once you better understand why these factors matter, you will be one step closer to making PPC work for your business.

To sum this up for you… Lower costs + higher ad rankings = larger return on investment

If you ignore these factors, PPC will cost way more than your ROI.

How about we move on to the first thing you need to focus on.

1. Targeting the right audience

You need to target your ads to your specific group of prospects that have already been defined.

When your ads are not targeted, your conversion rating for your ads will be extremely low.

Due to the fact that your ads are not being shown to people that would actually care (or interested) in your product/service offering, they will not click or engage with your ad.

There are 4 major ad platforms but the ones that you should be focusing on are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Each of these PPC platforms are used to target different audiences. For instance, you wouldn’t promote manufacturing extrusion on Facebook because your target audience is not manufactures on Facebook. But rather manufacture use Google to search for businesses who do extrusion.

We all have Facebook, why do we use Facebook? Maybe because you are bored sitting listing to your in-laws ramble on about how your kids are not behaving…

Facebook is a place where people go to pass idle time and see what others are up to.

Because of this, you need to have a defined audience a.k.a BUYER PERSONAS.

You then set up your ads to be shown to those who best represent your persona. Ex: 35 year old mom who likes makeup and fitness.

Google Ads is quite different

Google Ads uses Google to display your ads to your prospect searching for terms that you have outlined.

Thus, people who are on google are in more of a “buying mode” than the ones who are on Facebook.

When you pay $$$ for the right keywords, a link to your website will be shown at the top of the search results when people type in your keywords.

When your PPC campaign is active, you will pay more than Facebook Ads because you will be charged each time someone clicks on your website.

Another important thing to note is just because you have a PPC campaign active, does not mean that someone will click on that ad…

When this happens, you need to look at the factors that are hurting your quality score such as your ad copy and using the right key words to attract the right customer.

How do I use the right key words??

Use Google’s free Keyword Planner Tool

This is not a one and done situation. You need to constantly be monitoring the trend of the keyword and replacing ones that work better.

2. You are sending people to the wrong landing page

Do not fall into the trap that other marketers make. DO NOT send people to your contact us page for sales page.

These pages are not optimized to convert your customers to buyers.

Focus on giving your customer the education and not trying to sell them on the product/service.

Try and collect their email so that you can start a drip campaign and build a relationship with that potential customer.

Then bam! The customer will buy from you subconsciously and not feel as though they made a wrong decision.

People buy from people who they know, like, and trust.

Since they get your emails every week, they will know your brand.

Since your emails show the benefits of the product/service they will start to like and trust you!

At York Business Solutions, we make this process easy for you and we can set up everything to give you the greatest return on investment

3. Your Offering is No Good

PPC ads are designed to get you in front of people who want to buy your offering.

If your offering is something that no one wants to buy, then you will have a very hard time optimizing your PPC ad to convert buyers.

Something to remember – people that click on your ad and buy your offering are the ones who will make your ads more profitable.

A piece of good advice (just like everything else on this post ?) is to do market research on your buyer to see what they are struggling with. 9 times out of 10, people buy things that solve their problems.

For example, you are a dentist who is offering a new patient special.

You know that your keyword should be something with dentist, but you are not sure where to start and the topics that you should cover.

Go over to the Google Keyword Tool.

Sign in (or create an account). Don’t worry, you are not paying for anything.

Navigate to the Keywoord planner page and click on “Discover New Keywords.”

PPC things to know

It will bring you to this page. Type in the term “Dentist”


When you type that term into Google you will be shown the following screen;

image 2

From this screen we know two things.

1st we can see what other people are searching for under “Keyword (by relevance)”

2nd we can see the volume of those searches from the “Avg. Monthly Searches.”

With all this data, you would pick Dental Clinic Near Me as your keyword.

Next, as a marketer create content that is focused around this keyword fraise.

In Conclusion

PPC requires way more than what I have just shown you. If you are looking for the best ROI turn to the pros at York Business Solutions. With years of experience in the PPC and marketing space, we know what works and doesn’t. It is our job to educate you along the way!

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